Robert Longo e i suoi “fantasmi affamati” di verità

Robert Longo is without doubt one of the most famous artists covered so far. Artist, videomaker, musician, Longo explores art at 360 °, including x-rays, which become a way for him to convey the artistic message. His work does not consist of radiographs per se, but in charcoal drawings he answers on radiographs of great masterpieces in the history of art. … Continue Reading >Robert Longo e i suoi “fantasmi affamati” di verità

“Anatomie impossibili”: intervista a Nunzio Paci

Between life and death, nature and humanity, Nunzio Paci arrives at his personal summa of our existence on this Earth. His works consist mainly of wonderful drawings and paintings halfway between reality and imagination, creating delicate and at the same time disturbing portraits that combine nature and anatomy. However, he is not a stranger to other artistic mediums, as he has shown in his works made on radiographs, in which splendid “floral elements” bloom. … Continue Reading >“Anatomie impossibili”: intervista a Nunzio Paci